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Amnesty WA Refugee Group

Amnesty WA Refugee Group

The Refugee Group meets in the Action Centre (70 Plaistowe Mews, City West Centre, West Perth)  at 7.00PM on the first Monday of each month (it follows the Act  Right Group meeting – several members are involved in both groups).

Its current focus is on campaigning for the closure of Christmas Island, and it is developing a ‘constituency based lobbying’ plan to engage with politicians on this and other refugee rights issues.

Other activities that group members are involved in include letter writing and public speaking about refugee issues.

We are also part of Amnesty International Australia’s National Refugee Team, which holds monthly teleconferences and shares information electronically between meetings.

The group is represented on the Perth Immigration Detention Centre Community Consultation Group and the Migration Review Tribunal/Refugee Review Tribunal Stakeholder Consultation Group, and members have links with other refugee support groups in WA and nationally.

New members are welcome, and we so our best to share information to enable people to learn more about refugee issues.

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